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CLER in a nutshell

Modif.: 07/08/2012

Who we are :

Approved environmental association, the CLER is a professional network promoting renewable energies and energy saving since 1984. It brings together 200 members (among them associations, companies, local governments, federations of municipalities, education institutes) and represents more than 10 000 citizens and 5 000 employees throughout the French national territory.

What we stand for :

We believe that a genuine-fair energy transition is the right answer to our global crisis. To ensure the full development of renewable energy and energy saving, the energy transition has to be local, fair and democratic. That’s why we promote a new energy model in which local governments play the main part. Indeed, energy choices imply lifestyle options and all citizens must act and be committed to change. No one shall be excluded either for energy savings are the most accurate answer to fuel poverty.

Our propositions are built up and rely on successful local and regional experiences : a solution to both tackle climate change, resources and fossile fuel rarefaction, ensure energy independence and eventually develop a local and fair prosperity.

Our main missions :

  • lead members and thematic networks
  • help local communities in energy saving and renewable energy projects
  • support energy efficiency
  • find solutions to fuel poverty
  • promote the energy transition

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